Pokémon is one of the most popular video game series of all time. In fact, Pokémon is second only to the ever-popular Mario in terms of sales. Since its release, however, the Pokémon plan has remained largely the same—release a few “Versions” every now and again, throw in a few spinoffs, toys, and a fifteen-year-and-counting television series, and you’re set for commercial domination. But the simultaneous worldwide release of Pokémon X and Y Versions will usher in a “new era” for the Pokémon franchise, according to The Pokémon Company.

“Undoubtedly 2013 is a key year for us to grow and usher in a new era for Pokémon with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and the introduction of new characters as the launch platform. We believe these games will appeal to all generations both veterans and newcomers to Pokémon.” — Anthony Cornish, Marketing Director, The Pokémon Company International

Besides the fact that X and Y are the first of (hopefully) many Pokémon games released on the same day worldwide, The Pokémon Company is preparing to pump new life into every other aspect of the franchise.  The Pokémon Company plans on releasing another Unova-based series of the Pokémon anime, another Pokémon film starring Genesect and Mewtwo in a clash of titans old and new, as well as major Pokémon-themed events. What’s more is that The Pokémon Company says they have ‘cleared the decks’ on the licensing front with Tomy International to bring the same Pokémon toys Japan enjoys to the rest of the globe.

It’s certainly a wonderful time to love Pokémon. Now if only Nintendo and The Pokémon Company would capitalize on this nifty new platform called the “eShop” that I’ve heard so much about…

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Colin McIsaac
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