The NPD Group has reported in for the month of June in the US, including a hardware win for PlayStation 4 and a software win for Batman: Arkham Knight. Nintendo did not comment specifically on their June sales numbers like Microsoft and Sony, but they did issue a statement comparing overall Nintendo sales in the first six months of 2015 to Nintendo sales in the same time period last year. Nintendo reports that 3DS sales are currently up 40% over last year, largely due to the launch of New Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, but Wii U sales have declined.

“Through the first six months of 2015, combined sales of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems have increased by more than 20 percent over the same time frame in 2014. Much of this growth can be attributed to Nintendo 3DS and the new momentum created by the launch of New Nintendo 3DS XL on Feb. 13. So far this year, sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware have increased by more than 40 percent over sales at the same point last year.”
— Nintendo

Two months ago, Nintendo reported increases of
15% for Wii U and 65% for 3DS, and those numbers were at 20% and 80% three months ago. Today’s report shows a 40% improvement over last year for 3DS (with that number declining each month as the momentum from New Nintendo 3DS calms), and no specific number is given for Wii U. With combined sales of the two devices up 20%, it can be deduced that Wii U sales are actually now lower year-over-year.

Source: Venture Beat

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