1. Is this Edwin Rodriguez?

  2. Buy? I download for free on my Switch

  3. Especially if you have a young kid

  4. It’s true. Buying the games is never the issue but finding the time to actually play them all is. 😞

  5. 100% accurate,

  6. Ivan Geraldo Christian Yambao the truth hurts

  7. It’s just like buying books 😭

  8. This is truth incarnate lol

  9. Kabe Farrenkopf ??

  10. False. I play two hours daily.

  11. Alberto Aguilar I want to be in a retirement home and just game

  12. Hurts me right in my millennial feelings.

  13. Rachel Broussard Johnson Anna Drinkwater I felt this in my soul

  14. Tynan Mangion hahahaha

  15. David Bassole Alassane Fall real talk over there

  16. Ivan McIntosh this true?

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