If you’re a fan of challenging platformers, beautiful music, and a moving story, you’ll want to check out Celeste. This indie darling was one of our five must-have titles on Nintendo Switch eShop and it has quickly become a big hit in the speedrunning community. Currently Celeste is only available as a digital download, but that could be changing soon.

Fans recently
started a petition to get publisher Limited Run Games to give Celeste a physical release. The petition itself (which is only seeking 500 signatures) isn’t likely to have much influence, but it sounds like that won’t be necessary. In response to a tweet about the petition, Celeste co-creator, programmer, and artist Noel Berry tweeted out “Workin’ on it.”

This will be a lovely addition to anyone’s collection of physical indie releases, and it’s certainly popular enough to warrant a trip to retail. Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement soon!

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