Ever buy something and get a little more than you bargained for? YouTuber Julian Turner likes to snag rare old games and game memorabilia for unboxing videos on his channel, but a recent purchase caught him off guard. After picking up a pair of old NES games at a market, Turner returned home to discover that the cartridges were packed with drugs.

The games in question were Rollergames and Golf for Nintendo’s classic system, and Turner picked them up at a market in Georgia. As such, he was surprised to note that Rollergames was a PAL copy of the game, rather than a North American version. Both cartridges felt heavier than normal to Turner, and a digital scale soon confirmed they were about 50% above the usual weight for an NES cartridge.

Turner then opened up the cartridges to inspect their insides, and he found four bags containing illegal substances. The Newnan Police Department was contacted, and they’ve launched an investigation, although it’s unlikely they’ll be able to trace the origins of drugs that wound up at a flea market. The New York Post confirmed this story with the Newnan Police, adding (from the official report) the detail that the drugs were a “sandy-glass or crystalline” substance.

You can check out Turner’s find by clicking the video above. The bit about the two NES cartridges starts around the 7:40 mark.

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