A competitor in a Smash Bros. Melee tournament in the Pittsburgh/Northeast Ohio region has been found to have been using a modded Wii console to improve the abilities of his Pichu character. The unnamed player was reportedly using a modified file on an inserted memory card, thus making it almost undetectable until properly tested by tournament officials.

Other players noted signs that the player was up to something, since he would only play against competitors on his own setup, as well as only using Pichu as his main character (an unusual choice, since Pichu is seen as one of the weakest characters for competitive play). Suspicious of his performance and irregularities they noticed during gameplay, two other tournament players procured his console for officials to test. They compared the console’s memory card code to how it should look, and checking for any differences that would indicate it had been tampered with.

The test showed that the player had altered his console’s .iso file to give his Pichu several buffs when a Pichu player used port 4 on the console (thus preventing any fellow Pichu rivals from gaining the same advantages). This kind of behavior will result in his permanent banning from tournaments in the region and being required to repay any winnings he received while using his modded console.

Do you think this sort of cheating will become more widespread in tournaments on other games? Have you ever gone up against someone who turned out to be cheating? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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