LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a cybersecurity company that helps businesses keep their documents safe, has launched its own Pokémon-extermination service for private property owners in Florida.

Over the past few weeks, several power utility companies in the state have grown concerned that
Pokémon GO would attract unaware players to private areas and active construction zones. They turned to LookingGlass for help, hoping that the security company would find a way to stop Pokémon from spawning within certain areas; instead, LookingGlass started a makeshift “Pokémon-killing” business, and began eliminating Pokémon from the requested zones for a fee.

To eliminate the Pokémon from a specific area, LookingGlass simply contacts Niantic Labs, the game’s creators, and insists that the Pokémon be removed, a feat they can accomplish due to the CEO’s friendship with a member of Niantic’s board of directors. Currently, LookingGlass is regularly removing Pokémon from eight separate locations, all belonging to different utility companies in Florida. The CEO of LookingGlass, Chris Coleman, is looking to expand this service,
and joked that his company “is now in the business of killing Pokémon.”

There have been plenty of other fears rising up because of
Pokémon GO, with the game leading to several accidental injuries due to players not being aware of their surroundings. What do you think of this situation, and LookingGlass’s solution to it?

Source: CNN Money

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