Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was released last September, and while many people have stopped playing the game, it has not stopped some devoted fans to dig up some interesting information. Before Metal Gear Solid V was released, Hideo Kojima talked about a mission editor which never came to fruition. A fan by the name of Saladin on recently discovered a level editor that was hidden in MGS V‘s code, which could be the level editor that Kojima had teased before.

“I think I just found an editor within the game’s files. I found hints of it in the file “start.lua”. I’m still skeptical about it, but it is indeed named “Editor” and it changes the memory cap of its parent platform….It even changes the game word’s boundaries and memory depending on the current state of the editor mode. If it’s enabled, the Editor mode sets it to high. If it isn’t, it resets it to regular…Also according to the line of code above, there’s a light capture system. I think I just hit fucking gold with this.”
— Saladin

According to Saladin, the level editor in the game’s code is quite detailed. Saladin also discovered remnants of a rail, track, route, and tactical action system, as well as a character and mission editor. You can read Saladin’s original post by
clicking here. It is unfortunate to discover all of the aspects of the game that could have happened if it were not for the disparities between Kojima and Konami.

Source: MGS Forums

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