Remember the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2? You know, unequivocally and objectively the best part of the game? Well, somebody put it in Unreal Engine 4. Yep, CryZENx — the same guy who did that Luigi short — is at it again, and he didn’t stop with just the basic Chao Garden. No, he did all three, and then he uploaded a nearly eight minute video of Sonic running around in them. There’s even two chaos in each of them!

It’s not perfect by any stretch of the word. It’s not as if SEGA actually remade the game in UE4 and the garden is the product of the hard work of tons of environment designers, but it is pretty cool to see these nostalgic locations with the impressive effects of today’s engines. The Dark Chao Garden is probably the least impressive though, likely due to it least fitting the “tranquil valley” aesthetic that’s so common with these demos.

Look above to see the Chao Gardens reborn in Unreal Engine 4!

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Barry Herbers
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