As the only “new” Mega Man content we get from Capcom continues to appear in the form of Legacy Collection ports, it seems that fans are as motivated as ever to make their own games starring the blue bomber. Mega Man 2.5D was published several months ago after nearly eight years in development, but this Saturday, a very different fan game will arrive: Mega Maker, a level editing game based on the first six classic Mega Man titles.

Mega Maker was built from the Game Maker engine by programmer WreckingPrograms, along with a small team of programmers, artists, and composers. The stage editor includes plenty of assets from Mega Man 1-6 on the NES, including 40 backgrounds, 129 tilesets, 63 music tracks, 12 bosses, and more. As you can see in the trailer above, several of the game’s 24 special weapons have been tweaked with new abilities; the Charge Kick now allows Mega Man to air dash, for example. This also includes two new weapons based on Super Smash Bros.: namely, Fox’s Reflector and Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado.

Much like Super Mario Maker, Mega Maker will allow players to upload their levels and play other users’ creations. This also includes features such as a rating system and custom user profiles. The Mega Maker team plans to keep supporting the game with new content after release, such as additions from Mega Man 7 (and so on) and some new features altogether.

Mega Maker launches on Saturday, July 15th, and will be free to download from the game’s official website. The team originally planned to accept Patreon donations for server costs (with the game still being free of charge), but that will no longer be the case. WreckingPrograms announced in a video last weekend that the game’s server provider has offered to host the server free of charge. As for the legal questions invariably raised whenever a new fan game starts getting attention, he doesn’t sound too worried. Capcom has been quite lenient of fan projects in the past, and they even officially published the fan-made crossover Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Will you be trying out your own Mega Man creations, or maybe just enjoying others’? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Mega Maker Website, Rockman Corner

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