Karl Jobst, also known as Sim Threat, is a gamer with an attitude and a knack for multi-tasking. It might be unbelievable to hear, but imagine how even more mind-boggling it is to state that Jobst has achieved the goal of beating three very well-known and revolutionary Nintendo titles at the same time in just under an hour’s time.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and Goldeneye 007 are each, in their own respect, incredible games for the Nintendo 64 and completing each on its own is already a bit of a feat. However, Jobst has gone beyond that feat by beating all three games in one collective playthrough.

It’s quite the onerous objective to task oneself with: beating three classic Nintendo 64 games within an hour, all in one go.

Karl Jobst is mostly known for his outstanding rankings in both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, and he’s even written a helpful Goldeneye Fast Times Guide on GameFAQs. Having been a dedicated video game player since the 1990s, Jobst shows nothing but exemplary speed-run skills in his triple-playthrough featured above.

What are your thoughts on the gamer’s goal? It’s, at least, interesting enough to have an opinion on so leave a comment down below!

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