No Man’s Sky gives players the ability to give a name to any plants or animals that they come across while exploring new planets across the universe. This core feature is a crucial way for players to leave a unique mark on the many planets they visit, and it was originally revealed in one of the game’s earliest trailers. However, according to some stories that were recently uploaded to the No Man’s Sky subreddit, it seems that the naming system may be suffering from a severe bug: several avid No Man’s Sky players have noticed that many of the names they gave to their first discoveries have been erased entirely.

This problem was first pointed out by Reddit user Dark_Nexis, who made a post on the No Man’s Sky subreddit where they complained that all of the names that they gave to the plants and animals on their first planet had been wiped completely. Although the names for the planets and solar systems were still there, the name of every organism on their first few planets had been erased. A second user, Ultrasilvanus, claimed that this was happening to their save data as well, and several other users began to comment with similar stories shortly thereafter.

It was quickly discovered that the names were being deleted in chronological order; the first names that a player assigned were the first to disappear, but more recent entries remained intact. This led players to come up with two theories about the source of the problem: either Hello Games had accidentally set an arbitrary limit on the number of names a player could maintain, and older names were being deleted to make room for new ones, or the game was systematically deleting names that were too old.

Although the creators of No Man’s Sky have been mute on this issue, Dark_Nexis seems to have found a solution to the problem on their own. After re-downloading No Man’s Sky onto their PlayStation 4 and re-loading their file, a process which reportedly took about two hours, Dark_Nexis found that their data had been completely recovered. None of the other players on the thread have commented to confirm that this method works, and many are still waiting for an official update that may fix the issue.

What do you guys think? Are you still playing No Man’s Sky? Have any of you had this problem in any capacity? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Dark_Nexis on Reddit (via GameSpot)

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