Every now and then in-development games leak due to the discovery of a trademark, but today’s trademark story is… something else entirely. Last year Nintendo successfully won a lawsuit against a Japanese company called MariCAR that was using Nintendo-replica go-karts and costumes without permission. MariCar has since re-branded as “MARI Mobility Development,” and their karts now read “Unrelated to Nintendo.”

More recently, they’ve also started branding their karts with Japanese lettering that translates to “Nintendo is irrelevant.” In an ironic development, it appears that MARI is now worried about protecting its own branding, and thus, they’re attempting to trademark both phrases. The trademarks were officially filed by Chizai Bouei Kabushiki Gaisha (or “Intellectual Property Defense Corporation”), a company with a history of filing trademarks on MARI’s behalf.

I’m not exactly sure what this accomplishes, and given that MARI was just on the losing side of a Nintendo lawsuit I’d also argue that the latter slogan isn’t accurate. Oh well. I guess there’s no feeling quite like filing a trademark out of spite.

Source: Japanese Nintendo

Ben Lamoreux


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