1. Brennon I’m so glad that #PokeFusion is making a comeback.

  2. Please excuse me I must science

  3. Someone, make this one!

  4. the face of Gloom on any pokemon makes it look like a perv or super high

  5. Talk about hunt and peck

  6. Sabrina is awesome!

  7. the kirby playtester

  8. Y’all want a hit off this juul?

  9. a thread of some of my favourites

  10. People out here getting cool looking ones and I’m stuck with this freakass

  11. Laura Hedwig Knott I trust him

  12. “what’s your favorite starter Pokémon?”
    them: Bulbasaur! Squirtle! Charmander!

  13. I don’t like this game…

  14. Simon Maximilian Gay pls draw these too

  15. My absolute least favourite pokemon

  16. Got love the odd squad

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