To fill the gap the discontinuation of Project M left behind in the Smash Bros. scene, a fun new Brawl mod has surfaced by the name of Super Smash Bros. Legacy XP. The new mod is an all-encompassing hack that includes several individual mods released over the past few years—including Project M itself—in one complete package, such as new playable characters, several stage variants, and the return of Melee announcer Dean Harrington.

While work on the mod itself is not yet done, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a taste of the fun in advance. The Smash Bros. Legacy team has released a beta version of the massive hack and an exciting launch trailer with it. Check it out above!

You can download the mod via its website today, and check out the SmashBoards thread and the Discord community as well in the meantime. Let us know what you think of the Legacy XP mod in the comments below!

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