Nintendo has been talking a lot about expanding their brand in recent months, and they’ve been especially interested in expanding into films and movies within the next five years. There are lots of iconic Nintendo characters and franchises to choose from for shows and films, and Metroid is one of the more common requests from fans.

In the absence of an official
Metroid film, fans have been taking up the mantle. Rainfall Films, a talented team with a history of creating short films and trailers based off of popular franchises, released a Metroid short film based on 1960s science fiction movies. Today we have a very different take on Metroid, as Japanese artist and animator Rabbit Machine has created an anime-style Metroid animation. It’s very short, clocking in at just 55 seconds, but it’s a beautiful, action-packed ride that should leave you craving more! You can check it out by clicking above.

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