Duke Nukem voice actor John St. John has a distinctive and rugged voice — the kind of voice you hear in commercials on TV. It seems that this fact has been recognized by US politicians, as St. John revealed via Facebook that he recently turned down a job offer “to be the advertising voice of the Republican party’s leading candidate for President.” His reason for turning down the job? “I have a conscience.”

Going by poll numbers, it would seem that St. John is referring to businessman and current GOP front-runner Donald Trump, but that’s not necessarily the case. Asked for comment, he clarified that the job offer in question came from “a leading GOP candidate for president,” which could be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

“I don’t like to turn down jobs…especially when it’s a national ad campaign that pays pretty well. But I have a conscience and could not accept a gig to be the advertising voice of the Republican party’s leading candidate for President. Thanks for the kind offer, but I will sleep just fine at night knowing I made a choice I can live with. Meanwhile I’m happy to be recording a new video game today,”
— John St. John

“I should have written “a leading GOP candidate for President,” It might have been Trump or Cruz. Either way, I would not have done it.”
— John St. John

As we like to keep our focus on video game news, I’ll spare you my political commentary on the issue. However, we would like to know what you think of John St. John’s decision to turn down the offer. Sound off in the comments!

Source: John St. John (via The Verge)

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