Following the release of the most recent trailer, The Pokémon Company teased that the next batch of Pokémon Sun & Moon news would be revealed on October 14th. It looks like we’ve got a taste of that update a little early, as a leaked image from the upcoming issue of CoroCoro has surfaced online. The scan unveils an Alolan form for Grimer, which is believed to be a Poison/Dark type.

In addition to Alolan Grimer, there were some other details provided by the same source, but without the photographic evidence to back them up, making them unconfirmed. According to Serebii’s source, Jangmo-o will evolve into a Dragon/Fighting type, and Type: Null evolves into a Pokémon called Shiruvadi (シルヴァディ). Shiruvadi apparently has an ability called “AR System,” which changes its type based on its hold item.

Source: Serebii

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