Overwatch is one heck of an online shooter, and it’s kept its status high in many gamers’ minds through the use of special events, as well as a constant stream of new details on the game’s world and lore. Those two aspects are about to collide, judging by a new French trailer that’s just been leaked, which shows off a bunch of stuff regarding an upcoming player-vs-AI event titled “Insurrection.” Set seven years before the events of Overwatch, the event looks to feature a city under attack by Omnics, as well as a number of new skins and other unlockables for multiple characters.

Insurrection, which will run from April 11th until May 1st, takes place in a largely ruined version of King’s Row that is under attack from waves of purple Omnics. Much like the Halloween event last year, players look to have a selection of four heroes to fight the emerging threat (in this instance, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Mercy, all in snazzy blue uniforms). It is unclear as of yet what the objective of the new mode will be, but it will likely involve defending some section of the map from the new Omnics, who now have shield-carrying units, dog-like scouts, and more.

Now, to the skins: as you can see in the gallery below, we’ve got Blackwatch McCree (m’lady), a non-blue Widowmaker (with bright blue hair for some reason), a partially cybernetic Genji (what did Hanzo
do to him?!), a sort of gas-station Torbjorn (sans beard!), and a purple Bastion (still evil IMO). In addition, there are dozens of new sprays and voicelines to collect, many of which feature bits of lore from when the Overwatch organization was still active.

Are you excited for this event? Which skins are you going to make sure to get? Let us know below!

Source: PC Gamer

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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