Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch will be getting some Halloween-themed loot boxes soon, if a recent Xbox Store leak is to be believed. Like the title’s Summer Games event, the loot boxes will likely contain themed skins, sprays, and voicelines for various characters.

Assuming this event works in the same way, the loot boxes will become available for a number of weeks, replacing the regular loot boxes. The description in the leak mentions that they will cease to be available after November 1st, so it is safe to assume that they will be going live fairly soon.

As a side note to any fellow Overwatch players, you can boost your loot box numbers by prestiging (getting to level 100, 200, and so on) and then waiting until the event begins before leveling up multiple times with the lower XP requirements. Shhh, it’s a secret to everyone!

Are you looking forward to any particular hero skin? Let us know below!

Source: GameSpot

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Sean Ayres
Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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