Anyone who has ever worn a mascot suit knows that they can be extremely uncomfortable. So nobody wants to be stuck inside of one any longer than they need to be. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful and the suit is poorly designed, you could end up seriously hot and dehydrated. That’s exactly what happened to Michael Oconitrillo, who was hired by Nintendo to dress up as Donkey Kong at a mall in Culver City, California.

Oconitrillo said the costume left him injured and is now seeking to sue Nintendo for its poor design. He had complained to the staff about how poorly ventilated the suit was but was ordered to keep it on. Oconitrillo claims that the suit left him with permanent damage as well as emotional and mental distress. However, he did not go into detail as to what sort of physical damage the suit had done to him.

A Nintendo representative said they had nothing to comment on the situation.

Source: TMZ

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