2018 is almost over, which means we’re only a few months away from the highly anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts III. Since we’re so close to the game’s launch, Square Enix has been pumping out trailers and gameplay footage like crazy at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Recently, we got our first look at the world based around Disney’s Big Hero 6. The world captures the heart of San Fransokyo and it looks like players will be facing off against the “bugs” that had invaded Jiminy’s journal in Kingdom Hearts Coded. It’s only been a few days since that trailer was posted, but now Square has uploaded a much longer trailer, showing off more of San Fransokyo and revealing the return of some fan-favorite characters, such as Vexen, Demyx, and Roxas. You can check out the extended TGS trailer below!

But Square Enix didn’t stop there. They also revealed the official cover art for Kingdom Hearts III. The artwork is a callback to the first game, showing the main characters standing on top of a building and staring off into the distance. The cover also seems to suggest another fan favorite character, Xion, will also be returning in this game. Some fans have pointed out that there are thirteen characters on the cover, and the two clock hands are pointing at VII and XIII. These two numbers hold great significance and foreshadow the game’s climax with the battle between seven warriors of light and thirteen vessels of darkness.

It’s important to note that series director Tetsuya Nomura stated in the past that this art would connect to the covers of the HD Remixes. In 1.5, Sora is sitting in a chair. In 2.5, he stands up and in 2.8, he is walking forward. In the cover for Kingdom Hearts III, Sora stands tall and looks upward at the sky with his Keyblade resting on his shoulder. There’s no telling how these are all connected, but I’m sure the dedicated Kingdom Hearts fans will figure it out.

But if you thought that was all the Kingdom Hearts goodies you were getting, think again! We now have gameplay footage of a brand new boss battle in Kingdom Hearts III. As previous trailers revealed, Aqua has been taken over by the darkness. You kind of get that way when you spend twelve years in solitude with nothing but your inner demons chasing you around.

So since Aqua is all evil now, someone has to beat the dark out of her, right? So it looks like Sora will make his way to the Realm of Darkness at some point in the game to give Aqua a beating. From the short clip of the fight that’s shown, it looks like the fight will play out similarly to the one in 0.2 when Aqua fights a dark version of herself. The same music can also be heard in the background. You can check out the footage from this boss battle below.

With all of this new information, it looks like fans have a lot to look forward to when Kingdom Hearts III finally releases on January 29, 2019. What do you guys think of the new reveals? What are you most excited to see in Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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