Gamers in Japan were just treated to a wonderful look into the history of one of the most beloved franchises of all time. “Satoshi Tajiri: the Man Who Created Pokémon” is a new educational manga that just released in Japan, providing insight into the origins of Game Freak’s hit franchise.

In addition to being a fun and informative nostalgia trip, the manga also provides a look at early Pokémon designs, including a rare peak at some monsters that were cut from the final game. The planned names of these never before seen Pokémon (based on translations provided by Resetera) are roughly: Deer (56), —-ro (61), Crocky (62), Cactus (67), and Jagg (68).

Although these creatures were scrapped from the first generation, we did eventually see Pokémon based things like deer, cacti, and sharks, so it’s possible some of these ideas were recycled. Personally, I would have loved Jagg in Red, Blue, and Yellow, but not everyone can make the cut.

Source: Shogakukan, James Turner, Resetera

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