The latest update of Pokémon GO has created another notable glitch in the game. Some players are experiencing complete transformations of Pokémon after catching them, seemingly at random. That comes with both pros and cons, as a Rattata could become a Dragonite just as easily as a Mewtwo could become a Zubat. No word yet on if this glitch has been exploited by players, though the random nature of it will probably keep it a mystery. Niantic will likely release another update soon to address the issue.

What’s actually going on behind the scenes isn’t exactly certain, though we’ve seen some players speculating that the game isn’t so much transforming Pokémon as it is displaying them incorrectly in the wild. The creatures you encounter in the world may appear to be a Kingler, but upon capturing it the data is corrected and you see it for the Spearow it really is. Same difference in the end—they are changing species when captured—but, if this speculation is correct, don’t expect one to magically turn into a Zapdos or Mew or other impossible-to-find Pokémon all of a sudden.

Above is a video of a Poliwag turning in a Rattata. Your ooos and aaaahs will satisfy the transformative powers of your Niantic overlords. Bow before them.

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