Nintendo teased that more Splatoon 2 information would be following the ARMS Direct, and they’ve delivered! A story trailer came at the tail end of the Direct, revealing the new storyline premise, gameplay mechanics, and other details for the Splatoon 2 single player campaign.

The new trailer begins with the player Inkling making a familiar leap into the sewers, this time in Inkopolis Square. What follows is a humorous interaction with Squid Sister Marie from the first game, and she seems to want some help. Judging from the recent Squid Sisters Stories, it looks like Callie is still missing, and the player character will once again have to fight through hordes of Octolings and Octarians.

Splatoon 2 seems like it is going to be mixing things up with the gameplay of the campaign this time around. Weapons expert Sheldon will be providing the player with more than just a Splattershot, as the trailer reveals that other weapon types such as rollers, chargers, and duelies will be available to use in the story—and this time, it does not appear that those options are locked behind Amiibo challenges.

That’s not all this game has to offer. New gameplay mechanics were also shown off: grinding on inkrails, bouncing on special platforms, and zooming ahead on dash panels look super fun, which complements the normal stage interactivity Splatoon players have come to expect from a single player campaign.

New bosses including a tubby Octoling unicyclist and a living Octoling refrigerator also challenge the player inkling in the trailer. And one cannot help but wonder if that imposing silhouette at the top of the Splatoon 2 campaign poster is Callie. And if it is, why?

Are you excited for Splatoon 2, single player included? Was this new trailer enough to tide you over until the July 21st release date? To quench your squid kid thirst until then, watch it again above!

Source: Nintendo Direct

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