As if speedrunning Super Metroid was not already competitive and blindingly fast already, a Twitch streamer has discovered a new technique that should shave off numerous seconds on all of the game’s world records—a major feat in a game as old and with as many speedrunning masters as Super Metroid. It sounds like everyone in the Metroid scene will have a lot to either play or watch in the coming years.

Through much trial and error, Twitch streamer sniqwr discovered that if Samus moonwalks off the side of platforms, the game fails to place a cap on her fall speed, allowing her to travel downwards at an unprecedented pace with just a little extra effort. You can see what fellow Twitch streamer oatsngoats is able to pull off with this trick in the above Twitch clip.

This new technique will make falling down the various long, vertical shafts scattered throughout Tourian, Brinstar, Norfair and the other areas of Planet Zebes quite a breeze. If those who have tried this move out already are to be believed, once speedrunners have mastered this technique and implemented it into their gameplay, there should be a number of new world records for
Super Metroid popping up all over the place.

What do you think about this new strategy? It is pretty crazy that even the best of players are discovering new tricks for a 20-plus-year-old game!

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