Pokémon has experienced a massive resurgence this year thanks to Pokémon GO, but the next titles in the series, Sun and Moon, have also taken to the spotlight many times due to how much they appear to be shaking up the series’ formula. It seems the games won’t be the only part of the franchise getting changes, though. In addition to Ash now attending school, a new teaser trailer for the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime shows a noticeable change in art direction; depending on who you ask, the new animation style may look like either Studio Ghibli’s work or a bad piece of fanart.

While there’s no official word as of yet, many are taking this shift in styles to indicate that a new animation team has taken the reins of the series. The result has been, in a word, polarizing, with as many fans adoring this fresh take on
Pokémon as there are people infuriated by the loss of the crisper, more mature art style seen in recent series like XY&Z. Ash especially has taken the brunt of criticism, with most saying he looks like a little kid now…which would actually be fitting, given that he’s still supposed to be just ten years old.

Check out the trailer and decide how you feel about the new animation style with the video above! Personally, I’m a bit torn on it—I too think that Ash looks horrible, but other than that I kind of like the new style. Of course, I haven’t watched the show in years, so I may not be the best person to judge it. Have you been keeping up with the anime? Will this change in styles make you give up on the show, or is it just what you need to get back into it? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Polygon

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