A few days ago, Rockstar Games released a suspiciously red teaser image on their website, which many fans immediately figured out was hinting at a new Red Dead game. Unsurprisingly, Rockstar later made the official announcement for Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, a full reveal trailer has been released showing off the downright gorgeous world that the folks at Rockstar have created. It seems as though this has been an exciting week for Red Dead fans around the world, to say the least.

The trailer itself is almost presented as a proof of concept, just showing off that there is a world. Fans have been creating endless theories about the game being a prequel that follows John Marston during his gang days based on some of the teaser images, and the trailer neither confirms or denies that to be the case. In fact, besides a short voice quip at the end, there is no story revealed whatsoever. Regardless of this fact, it is still a full minute of awesome, western eye candy.

Announced alongside this reveal, Rockstar will also be partnering with PlayStation to release exclusive online content for the PlayStation 4 before anyone else. More importantly, it was also revealed that the beloved Red Dead Redemption will be making its way to PlayStation Now. Coupled with last week’s release of the PS2 Classic Red Dead Revolver, it seems anyone with a PlayStation 4 can get into the Red Dead series with relative ease now.

Are you excited for Red Dead Redemption 2? Will you be playing either of the other games in the series now that they’re readily available? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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