Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most popular graphics engines in the video game industry right now, which has been bad news for Nintendo fans. Nintendo’s Wii U launched with support for Unreal Engine 3, but Unreal Engine 4 was already well on its way, and Nintendo’s console couldn’t support the newer engine. Nintendo’s next console, NX, is expected to have more powerful hardware, and we’ve heard rumors that it will support Unreal Engine 4. This is supported by a recent Nintendo job listing for a Software Engineer, as the job requirements include familiarity with existing game engines, specifically Unreal Engine 4.


We are seeking an engineer to join a team responsible for design, development, debug and delivery of system drivers and tools for Nintendo gaming systems. The successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence and a proven track record. We are looking for people who are excellent team players, and who also work well on individual assignments. In addition, the successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence. An interest in system software is essential. In this position, the engineer will receive a very rewarding experience working with key technologies for gaming systems.


  • BS or MS in related field (MS preferred)
  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C
  • Excellent software design, problem solving and debugging skills
  • OpenGL or DirectX programming recommended
  • Familiarity with existing game engines (such as UE4) is a plus

NX is set to launch in March of next year, but Nintendo still hasn’t officially revealed it to the public.

Source: Nintendo

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