Years after it was initially teased as a project that may or may not ever come to fruition, Great Detective Pikachu was officially announced for Nintendo 3DS. The Pokémon spin-off stars a “bossy” talking Pikachu as a great detective (not an ordinary detective, mind you), and he’s got a surprisingly deep voice, compared to what we’re used to from Pikachu.

So far we’ve only seen footage of the game in Japanese, so we don’t know what Pikachu will sound like when the game undoubtedly comes to the West, but there’s already a rather hilarious fan-favorite choice. A
newly-launched petition asks The Pokémon Company to cast none other than Danny DeVito as the English voice of the Great Detective Pikachu. While it’s highly unlikely that this will actually come about, the petition has already amassed well over 3,000 signatures in just a day’s time.


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