SEGA Dreamcast recently celebrated its anniversary, marking 17 years since it debuted in Japan. Dreamcast would be the final home console from SEGA before the company was forced to pull out of hardware development and become a third-party developer. Despite its poor sales numbers, Dreamcast generated a lot of fond memories, and it still has a vocal group of passionate fans.

That’s never been more apparent than now, as a petition has surfaced on which asks SEGA to design and release a special limited edition version of Dreamcast. The petitions suggests that it should feature a new (but similar) design, output in HD, and connect to a Dreamcast Classics Store for digital purchases, while also playing the original Dreamcast discs. This lofty of a request is highly unlikely to be met, but even so, the petition has already gained nearly 20,000 signatures. That’s a lot of love for SEGA’s final console!

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