Super Metroid is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, and it still has a thriving fan base to this day. As a staple of the speedrunning community, it has been thoroughly dissected and combed for secrets again and again over the two and a half decades since it debuted on Super Nintendo. Despite all of this, at least one Easter Egg has remained hidden from most of the world all this time. Until now.

Yasuhiko Fuji worked as a programmer for Intelligent Systems in the 1990s, and he eventually began working with Nintendo on Super Metroid. Fuji helped bring the game’s enemies and bosses to life, and he even developed a programming tool to make it easier for his co-workers to input graphics data.

Way back in 2007, Fuji participated in an interview that was published in Game Shokunin Vol. 1. The interview didn’t really make any major waves, and it wasn’t translated or published outside of Japan for over a decade. This finally changed recently thanks to Shmupulations, and their translation revealed an interesting secret.

“Actually, before the fight with Draygon, the boss of Maridia, there’s a group of Evir enemies that do a little “dance”. Their movements actually trace out the letters of a phrase in English, “Keiko Love”! Keiko was the name of a girl I was dating at the time. I was busy with work all the time and couldn’t see her much, so at night while everyone at the office sleeping, I stole a moment and snuck that code in!

“That little Evir dance wasn’t written in the planning documents anywhere, so I remember my heart beating fast as I coded it, with the worry of it being discovered… but in the end, no one ever found it out. Now isn’t that a romantic story? (laughs)”
— Yasuhiko Fuji

Who would have guessed that an enemy dance was secretly a romantic message? It’s amazing that after all these years we’re still learning new things about Super Metroid.

Source: Shmupulations

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