Wolfenstein 3D is largely regarded as one of the most influential games of all time and one of the driving forces behind the rise of first-person shooters in the gaming industry. This classic originally debuted on MS-DOS before being ported to various other devices, including Super Nintendo, Jaguar, and Game Boy Advance, and thanks to one talented programmer, it’s now (very unofficially) coming to another platform: Game Boy Color.

Swedish programmer Anders Granlund has been working to recreate the classic shooter for Game Boy Color as a project, uploading videos of his progress along the way. Of course, the game can’t naturally run on a Game Boy Color as is, but rather than making modifications to the hardware, Granlund has taken inspiration from the Super FX chip used in some classic SNES games. The game runs on a custom cartridge which itself contains a “co-processor” which allows the game to perform above and beyond what a Game Boy Color can normally offer.

It’s not an exact port of the original (for instance, some of the stats that are normally on the bottom of the screen have been moved to the top due to lack of space), but it’s pretty impressive thus far. The current build contains ten levels and three enemy types, and Granlund is currently working to implement game logic and basic AI. You can dig into the finer details of this project and keep up to date by perusing this website.

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