Liberty City, a fictional analog to New York City in the Grand Theft Auto universe, hasn’t been featured in-game since Grand Theft Auto IV, but thanks to a screenshot that appears to have come from a Rockstar artist’s online portfolio, it seems like the city could be returning sometime soon. A few members over at GTAForums discovered an image of what appears to be Liberty City running in Grand Theft Auto V‘s engine, which was linked back to an online portfolio for Adrian Page; this matches the name of an artist at Rockstar Games, but it’s not clear whether the two are the same person or not.

Forum members were later able to recreate the image in Grand Theft Auto IV, so you can compare the two images in the gallery below (the first is in the new engine, the second is the recreation). While the original image was supposedly located on Adrian Page’s online portfolio, links to the image now result in a 404 error, so Page probably removed the image.

This could indicate a number of things for the future (or past) of the Grand Theft Auto franchise; it could suggest that Rockstar is planning on introducing Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V as some kind of DLC or expansion. It could also suggest that they are working on a remake of a previous game using the engine, or they are working on a new game set in Liberty City. It could also be a remnant of some piece of Liberty City content that was supposed to be in Grand Theft Auto V but was scrapped, or something that the artist created for fun. We’ll just have to wait and see which of these scenarios, if any, ends up being correct.

Source: GTAForums (via GamesRadar)

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