A Third “Train On” Trailer Has Been Released for Pokémon Sun and Moon


Back in May, The Pokémon Company released a touching video titled “Train On” which told the story of a young Japanese boy who moves to Hawaii and bonds with his new classmates through a mutual love for Pokémon. This turned out to be the start of a special series of videos, and the second one released last month, showing two friends making up after fighting over a Pokémon battle.

A third video released today, and it shows our heroes doing battle with a group of older kids who have moved into their secret hideout. After losing to their opponents, the kids must work together to train hard for a rematch. You can check out by clicking above!

As an additional bit of information, this video reveals the English name of the Z-Move “Breakneck Blitz,” used by Alolan Exeggutor at around the 1:45 mark.

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