Project M is a soft mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that brings the feel of Melee to the updated graphics of Brawl. The mod’s development team releases a new update for the mod every so often in order to keep the gameplay fresh. They recently released a trailer for the upcoming version 3.6 update that will feature a couple of brand new stages and skins alongside other new features.

The two new stages bring a bunch of
Mario goodness to the table. The first stage lets you brawl in the lava-filled deathtrap that is Bowser’s Castle. It even comes complete with two Thwomps. The second stage is called Delfino’s Secret, and it will replace the Dracula’s Castle stage. However, the collisions and platform movements will remain the same.

Along the same lines as brand new stages, some of the older stages are receiving HD re-skins. The stages affected include Peach’s Castle and Saffron City. The latter will also be receiving a day/night cycle.

Character skins will also be receiving some updates, though they are mostly minor. A new Darksuit Samus skin will be added that will replace the older,
Brawl recolor, Zero Suit Samus will be receiving some detail touch-ups, and a couple of characters will be getting brand new skins altogether.

That covers it for a majority of the biggest new features. Do you think the new features will improve the gameplay? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Source: Reddit

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