The month ahead for the Nintendo Switch is brimming with some award-winning indie games, and it starts strong as the eShop welcomes a variety of quality experience this week. Get ready to test your Metroidvania prowess, sharpen your dungeon-crawling and rhythmic senses, or pack your bags to return to a hometown gone wrong among your featured Nintendo Downloads.

Dropping today on the Switch’s online store is Night in the Woods, starring a 20 year-old college dropout named Mae Borowski as she moves back to Possum Springs, a small town hit by the closure of its coal mines, a stagnating economy, and now a cult that threatens to overtake the municipality. The Switch version of Night in the Woods features the Weird Autumn and Solstice contents, which include additional sidestories.

If you love games with a strong focus on music, then Crypt of the NecroDanceralso available today—might be the game for you. Players can navigate randomly generated dungeons to the beat of the Danny Baranowsky-composed soundtrack and battle dancing monsters from the crypt alone or in local co-op.

Finally, Metroidvania fans can get a kick out of Dandara (launch trailer above), developed by Brazil-based Long Hat House and published by Raw Fury. In a directionless world, take control of the titular gravity-defying heroine as she is the only hope who can save the oppressed of Salt from the brink of oblivion. Dandara releases early next week on February 6th and will be able for all modern systems and mobile devices. You can pre-purchase the game for the Switch right here.

For Pokkén Tournament DX players, the first wave of the Battle Pack expansion is now live, and leading the charge is the Kalos region’s Aegislash from Pokémon X and Y as a new playable fighter. The Royal Sword Pokémon is accompanied by Mimikyu and Mega Rayquaza as additional Support Pokémon, and new Avatar clothes are also available. The next wave, featuring Blastoise as a new Battle Pokémon, will be available in March.

Nintendo 3DS owners can download a demo of Atlus’ Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology—a remake of the Nintendo DS game of the same name, as well as a pair of dedicated themes. Fans of Pokémon Black and White (and their sequels) can also deck out their 3DS home screens with a pair of Team Plasma themes, each based on their differing uniforms. If you enjoyed SteamWorld Dig on the system, you’ll be pleased to hear that the game has also been ported to the Switch today.

Also included among this week’s selections are the following:

Which of these games would you consider picking up for your Nintendo systems this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo PR

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