At this year’s EA Play show, EA showed off a lot of games we knew were coming, from annual sports titles to Star Wars Battlefront II. But the new game that stuck out from the rest was A Way Out, a new co-operative adventure game from Hazelight Studios, a studio headed by Josef Fares, the creator of the beloved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The game, due in early 2018, centers around two prison inmates named Leo and Vincent that prepare to make a break from their captivity.

Teased back in 2014 alongside Hazelight Studios’ formation, A Way Out is designed as a splitscreen co-op only title, but allows players without local gaming pals to buddy up with online play.

We got a look at several snippets of the game, giving us a few details. Vincent and Leo’s adventure won’t end once they make their escape, as they must then travel through the wilderness and flee from the authorities looking to apprehend them. Another neat feature Fares highlighted was a scene where one player was in a cutscene, while the other player remained free to move around and carry on with their business.

A Way Out is due in early 2018. What are your thoughts on this game? Is the forced co-op a little too much for you or a friend to enjoy? Slide down to the comments to show us how you feel!

Source: EA Play 2017

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