Pokémon GO has been shattering all kinds of records since its launching in the US last week, and because it asks players to move out and about in the real world, it’s hard to go out in public without running into a few trainers. This was certainly true when an in-game Vaporeon appeared in Central Park last night, causing an unbelievable flash mob.

The event was captured on footage and uploaded to Vimeo for those who’d like to watch, and it’s astounding just how many players appeared—but Vaporeon is one of the rarest Pokémon that can appear in the wild in
Pokémon GO, after all. You can find the video embedded above.

Pokémon GO has become such a phenomenon that more people in the United States are playing it routinely than watching Netflix, using Spotify, or even using Twitter. In response, T-Mobile is offering a year of unlimited data for players and Yelp has added a filter related to the game when searching for local businesses. Some lawmakers are considering introducing legislation specifically for Pokémon GO. The mayor of Rio is even trying to use the game as an incentive for tourists to see the Olympics. And Pokémon GO just launched in 26 more countries worldwide, so the craze may not be so quick to fade as some believe.

It’s a crazy world we live in, compared to a week ago.

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