Last Summer, we learned that Man of Action Entertainment, best known for creating shows such as Ben 10 and Generator Rex, had teamed up with Dentsu Entertainment USA to create an animated Mega Man TV show. We’ve heard very little about the show up to this point, but Dentsu recently confirmed that it’s still on pace to debut in 2017, in time for the 30th anniversary of the series.

As is often the case with adaptations of video games, the internet’s reaction has been mixed. Many are excited to see the Blue Bomber back in action in cartoon form. Others have been far more negative, predicting that the show will be a flop before seeing anything from it whatsoever. Joe Kelly, a writer at Man of Action, has taken to Twitter to address the criticisms and concerns of the latter group. In a series of tweets, Kelly explained that the Man of Action team is working hard to create something new while focusing on the games and the lore of the series. Kelly then implored fans to wait until it makes its debut, and to “Let the work speak for itself.”

“To all the very cool
#MegaMan fans out there who are asking me many questions about the upcoming series – here’s what I can tell you… MOA is part of a group of companies looking to bring Big Blue to life for a new era. Lots of folks are working hard to make a great show. I am legally prohibited from saying ANYTHING specific about the show, and though I love you, I am not getting sued for you.

“However…I can say that MOA looked at 30 years of source material in developing the series with our partners. We focused on the games and lore. Our job is to work with Capcom & Dentsu USA to distill down the DNA of MegaMan and apply that to modern animated storytelling. So that’s what we did. It’s new. I can’t compare it to anything else because it isn’t going to be like anything else. It’s something new.

“HUNDREDS of people work on an animated show. No one wakes up for work and says, “I’m going to ruin that fan’s beloved thing.” At MOA, we start from the same place – do we like the idea? Can we bring something new to it? Will it be fun? We answer yes and write.That’s what we did with MegaMan. There is still a long process to bringing it to the screen, but talented people are working hard.

“In 2017, we’ll see how it came out. Cartoons take a year to make. Lots of blood sweat & tears. And fun. Fun is key. We built a fun show. We respect MegaMan, his long time fans and the new audience. Can’t prove that to you, you’ll judge for yourselves. But I humbly submit that you reserve judgement until after the show airs. Telling me the show sucks when nothing has been seen..? Sort of undermines the whole respect thing. (And please, cross apply this to all creators working on any franchise characters.) Let the work speak for itself. That’s all I got 4 now. Hope it makes sense. Hope you understand where I’m coming from. Hope you’ll enjoy the show when it airs. Thanks!”
— Joe Kelly

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Mega Man cartoon, or do you count yourself among the skeptics and critics? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Joe Kelly

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