1. The hands that dropped from the ceiling in the forest temple in Ocarina of Time had me messed up for years

  2. Wall master are the worst…

  3. Mine was the running from the troll in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on the Playstation

  4. Y’all remember that fucking ghost from Sonic Adventure 2? Yeah, fuck him.

  5. That moon made you feel like you better hurry up and beat the game.

  6. Ocarina had given me a few nightmares won’t lie..

  7. Aliens at lonlon ranch.. that was the worst…

  8. The zombies when you first get to the dark world in orcarina lol

  9. My brother just tagged me in this!!!! I was like I know her!!!!!! #alwayssupportingyou

  10. Where it all began..

  11. me playing ocarina of time Dylan Drage

  12. first time i had sleep paralysis was because of the redead 😬😮🤕

  13. With that sword and shield I felt in those games I felt I survive anything. Especially with a fairy haha

  14. Redeads for sure


  16. That timer in the water, the part in the Deku Tree in OoT, where you have to push a button, swim back and climb the moving platform under the rotating log of spikes?

    Oh, and the first time you enter the witch’s lair in Banjo Kazooie.

  17. Rookie play Zelda thx

  18. Jack Sheppard shall we add this to the Watership Down list?

  19. Legit couldn’t handle the pressure. When I was like 31. Too much.

  20. Sonia Min play Majoras Mask so you can experience my trauma

  21. A Mantis cut my lips when I was 3 years old. Video games are nothing for me in comparison. This insect is the devil ! ç_ç

  22. where’s the skellies?

  23. Nice first playthrough you have there. It’d be a shame if somebody… Ruined it.

  24. The N64 Zeldas were fucking messed up sometimes.

  25. Majoras mask was fun this below this post was what creeped me out

  26. Nelissa Davalos the moon…

  27. Savannah Wiseman I originally thought Zelda was a queer horror game.

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