ABC News, a news network that most of you American readers should be at least remotely familiar with, has recently released a segment trying to explain Nintendo’s latest announcements: The Nintendo 2DS and the Wii U Price cut. But there’s one major problem… They got everything wrong. They pronounce “Nintendo 2DS” as “Nintendo Two-Dees,” and claim that the console has lower-resolution graphics than its earlier counterparts. Furthermore, in reporting the price cut of the Wii U, they call the system, simply, “Wii.” Ouch.

Now it’s obvious to us that whoever produced this segment is horribly misinformed. The Nintendo DS line has been a prominent brand in the tech market for nine years now, so mispronouncing the name of the new console is reprehensible already. Furthermore, the console does not have lower-resolution graphics than its brothers—it merely disables the 3D effect, which is in no way tied to graphical prowess. Last but not least, mistaking the Wii U for a Wii is downright sad. You can watch the cringe-worthy video right here.

It’s easy for us to dismiss this, but the sad thing about this whole story is that this false information is what’s being spread to the public. We know it’s all untrue, but do little Billy and Sally down the street know the difference? No. Do their parents? No. If you ask me, Nintendo should take greater lengths to market their consoles again, or this is the message the public is going to get.

Funny, I could have sworn Reggie just said that consumers don’t have the wrong idea about Wii U

Source: ABC News at Yahoo!

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