Staff at Gamnesia have come and gone, but through the years, this site has seen a myriad of intelligent and creative contributors. Since the beginning, minds from all around the world came together to form what you see here today, and while the site continues to expand well beyond its original state, we do not lose sight of the humble beginnings or the foundations upon which it is built.

Executive Extraordinaires

Colin McIsaac, Editor-in-Chief

Founding Member

Alias: Pokemoneinstein

Location: Boston, USA

“I hate shorts! They’re itchy as hell and my crotch can hardly breathe!”

Colin first laid hands on video games before even turning three years old, and has since grown to be an avid Nintendo fan. Despite a busy school schedule, Colin has graduated from daily news and regular editorials to daily site management, including staff hiring and training, various maintenance tasks, and long-term planning. One of the site’s founding members, Colin created the name “Gamnesia” and helped brand the site with its logos and slogan.

Outside of the journalism game, Colin is an actor and invested musician who loves
arranging music from video games and other media, and he has a particular fondness for anthropology and US History.

Ben Lamoreux, Managing Editor

Staff Since: July 3rd, 2014

Alias: Erimgard

Location: Freeport, Illinois

“This was just an excuse for me and Colin to cuddle.”

Ben Lamoreux has had a long history with game journalism, beginning in the early days of Zelda Informer before moving to with his colleague and mentor, Alex Plant. He has since moved to Gamnesia to assume the role of Managing Editor, where he posts news and editorials nearly every day, while managing other aspects of the site, such as new applicants and long-term goals on the side.

Dennis Wyman, Technical Administrator

Founding Member

Alias: Captain Cornflake

Location: Alaska, USA

“Ain’t got nuthin’ to lose but them goddamn Bourgeoisie Blues…”

Dennis is the mysterious founding staff member, always lurking around the in shadows, never really seen or noticed. But we would certainly notice if he stopped working.

Dennis handles the server, as well as the programming and site hosting work—to put it simply, he does everything that lets our website actually work. When he posts on the main site, you know something big is happening.

Nikola Katardjiev, Content Director

Staff Since: July 10, 2013

Alias: TheVulgarBulgar

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

“It sounds stupid when you think about it. But if you *really* think about it…”

Nikola joined Gamnesia shortly after graduating from high school, and he has steadily been working his way up the ladder. Starting off as a news writer, he found himself taking on more and more responsibilities and has since become a bit of a utility man for Gamnesia, always available when an extra pair of hands is needed.

As Gamnesia’s new Content Director, Nikola keeps track of all the site’s daily and weekly features, including columns, discussions, and more, ensuring that the rest of us are on top of our game!

Damir Halilovic, Resident Stuff-Doer

Founding Member

Alias: the_Predator

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“You may now kiss the ring”

Alongside Dennis, Damir is one of the two surviving staff members from the very early days of Zelda Informer and moved on to programming for Gamnesia before its launch. Before joining Zelda Informer, he started off as a writer for the Bombers team, his application to which originally lead him to Dennis and Phil—two of the site’s founding members—and the rest is history.

On Gamnesia, Damir serves as one of the Technical Administrators and often an active writer, proving himself to be a reliable and ever-present asset in times of need.

Senior Editors

Fernando Trejos
Jackson Murphy
Alex Plant

Associate Editors

Steven Rollins
Elijah Holt
Marcin Gulik
Jeffrey McDonell

Junior Editors

Josephine Christie
Harrison Bolin
Sean Ayres

Other Staff

Tyler Meehan — Lead Copy Editor
Jeffrey Edelstein — Copy Editor
Theo Schultz — Copy Editor
Justin Alvey — Copy Editor
Will Marsh — Copy Editor

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Colin McIsaac
I first played Donkey Kong Country before even turning three years old, and have since grown into an avid gamer and passionate Nintendo fan. I started working at Zelda Informer in August 2012, and helped found Gamnesia, which launched on February 1, 2013. Outside of the journalism game, I'm an invested musician who loves arranging music from video games and other media. If you care to follow my endeavors, you can check out my channel here: I was rummaging through some things a while back and found my first grade report card. My teacher said, "Oddly enough, Colin doesn't like to write unless it's about computers or computer-type games. In his journal he likes to write about what level he is on in 'Mario Land,' but he doesn't often write about much else." I was pretty amused, given where I am today. Also I have a dog, and he's a pretty cool guy. I don't care for elephants much. I suppose they're okay. You've read plenty now; carry on.


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