Our Terms of Service is a work in progress. Please bear with us while we finalize the wording. In the meantime, please enjoy a rudimentary outline of our rules.

By signing up for Gamnesia, you agree to abide by our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to edit or delete any content you publish on our site if we believe it violates these guidelines. By publishing content on our site, you claim full authorship of the work and assert that it is not plagiarized, nor is it published to any other outlets. You also agree that we maintain ownership and control over your work—but we’re also super nice people, so if there’s ever a problem with that, just ask, and we’ll almost always oblige.

One aspect of community interaction we have strived for since Zelda Informer’s inception in 2007 is to create a community open to free speech, yet anchored in intelligent debate. Whether any party in that debate agrees with, disagrees with, or criticizes our work, we hope to encourage a healthy discussion regardless of the vantage point. In order to do so, we find it important to uphold a content moderation policy to foster this sort of discussion without interruption from comments intended to offend users or derail conversation.

Piracy and Copyrighted Material

We do not discourage discussion about emulation, piracy, ROMs, or any related subjects, but we do not tolerate users linking to piracy websites on Gamnesia or Zelda Informer. We do, in fact, encourage open discussions about the odds and ends of these topics and their effects on the industry, but providing means to engage in such practices through our websites will result in a warning, and continued infringements will result in the termination of your account.

Flaming, Bashing, Trolling, and Spam

As stated above, our goal more than anything is to foster intelligent discussion. We do not absolutely forbid name-calling and or cussing so long as the comment progresses a debate, but we will not allow these discussions to fill up with direct attacks on another’s integrity or character just because he or she does not agree with you. Curt posts meant only to offend will not be tolerated.

Trolling itself can done be in good fun, but unfortunately, certain styles of trolling have the power to derail entire discussion. Any trolling intended specifically to derail a topic or to directly insult another will not be tolerated. Violating posts will be deleted, and continued infringements may result in warnings and account bans.

Pornography and Sexually Explicit Content

*Disclaimer: This section is under construction*
Absolutely no pornography of any kind is tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, anything depicting female nipples, bare bottoms, genitals, and semen. This also includes in-text references that refer to sexual acts aimed against another person. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban from the comments section of our sites.

Profanity and Racial or Sexual Slurs

While we do not completely prohibit the use of sexual or racial slurs, we will not tolerate the intentionally offensive use of such words against another person. Intelligently discussing inappropriate words as they pertain to gaming culture is tolerable, but we strongly advise you to use any offensive words with caution.

General Ideals

With the above restrictions, it may seem like we can be limiting conversations, but these rules are set in place to strive towards our ultimate goal of an inclusive, active community. It is essential to understand that we do not exist to provide a forum through which one can attack another. We hope to encourage all sorts of discussion, even those aimed against our content or authors, but any obtrusions that fit under the aforementioned rules will not be tolerated. Rare exceptions will be made in certain cases to prevent certain comments from being deleted at the discretion of our moderators, but comments that do not fit under the above restrictions will not be deleted. We hope that you continue to participate in our discussions in a healthy, active way, and we look forward to a brighter future as a community!

Colin McIsaac
I first played Donkey Kong Country before even turning three years old, and have since grown into an avid gamer and passionate Nintendo fan. I started working at Zelda Informer in August 2012, and helped found Gamnesia, which launched on February 1, 2013. Outside of the journalism game, I'm an invested musician who loves arranging music from video games and other media. If you care to follow my endeavors, you can check out my channel here: http://youtube.com/user/pokemoneinstein I was rummaging through some things a while back and found my first grade report card. My teacher said, "Oddly enough, Colin doesn't like to write unless it's about computers or computer-type games. In his journal he likes to write about what level he is on in 'Mario Land,' but he doesn't often write about much else." I was pretty amused, given where I am today. Also I have a dog, and he's a pretty cool guy. I don't care for elephants much. I suppose they're okay. You've read plenty now; carry on.


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