There have been mixed reactions about the Skylanders/Amiibo crossover, including a lot of negativity towards the amount of different editions which seem to be exclusive to different stores. Nevertheless, in a recent interview, Guha Bala from Activision got to reveal some more information about how and why the deal came about. He states that Nintendo has always been very important to Skylanders, as Activision wanted the first Skylanders to be available on the Wii and 3DS. Once Nintendo announced Amiibo, both companies decided to try and come up with something that would work both as an Amiibo and a Skylander. Their wish was to make something unique and special to both fanbases.

Bowser and DK were chosen specifically for the game because they have never really been playable in 3D before, so it was a chance for them to steal the spotlight! Bala also revealed “My personal favorite is Bowser because I have never really got to play as him, but also Donkey Kong is an awesome character as well.”

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Source: Nintendon

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