Since the launch of Kirby Star Allies in March, HAL Laboratory had launched a free update to the game that brought back Gooey, Marx, and the animal trio of Rick, Kine, and Coo back into the limelight. These new Dream Friends could be summoned by Kirby in his adventure as companions and were playable in the game’s boss rush and time attack modes.

With a summer update on the horizon comes another round of Dream Friends, and last night’s reveal saw the highly demanded return of a couple of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards stars. Adeleine and Ribbon will be a playable duo, with the artist being able to create living paintings based on enemies from Kirby 64 and her debut in Dream Land 3, while the Ripple Star-native fairy carries her around in the air.

The pair will join The Amazing Mirror‘s Dark Meta Knight—who plays as a fusion of Meta Knight and the Mirror ability—and Squeak Squad‘s Daroach—who can wield the Triple Star and summon his fellow Squeaks—once the free update launches later this month. A release period for Japan is set for July 27th, which should be mirrored internationally. We’ll update this story with a confirmed Western release once it’s announced.

The contents of the second wave falls in line with what was previously leaked from an April datamine, which also revealed the existence of an upcoming third update for Kirby Star Allies. The next round will likely include new Dream Friends in the form of the game’s own Jambastion Mages, in addition to Magolor from Return to Dream Land, Suzie from Planet Robobot, and Taranza from Triple Deluxe.

UPDATE: And confirmed! The second free update will arrive everywhere on July 27.

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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