For more than a decade, Mother fans have been begging Nintendo to create an official translation of Mother 3, the long-anticipated sequel to EarthBound that was never [officially] released outside of Japan. So far, these requests have not been successful, but that hasn’t stopped the Mother fanbase from trying; in fact, the requests have only gotten louder as the years have gone by.

Clearly, there are a couple of passionate Mother fans working at Cartoon Network, since a few days ago, Adult Swim, the channel’s nightly “adult” programming block, aired a commercial asking Nintendo to translate Mother 3. The commercial showed a picture of Twitter user Magypsyparty, who recently attended a professional wrestling match while holding a sign asking Nintendo to “Localize Mother 3,” and jokingly asked viewers to imagine caring about a game that much. Adult Swim’s commercial ended with a simple message for Nintendo: “After eleven years it’s finally time to translate the game.”

Back in 2014, the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken collaborated with Nintendo to create a few skits for the company’s Digital Event at E3. The Robot Chicken skits even made jokes about the Mother 3 fan movement, depicting Reggie Fils-Aime setting fire to a fan who wouldn’t stop asking about the game.

You can watch Adult Swim’s commercial above!

What do you guys think? Can you believe that this commercial actually aired on television? Do you think that there is a possibility of the company translating Mother 3, after all this time? Let us know in the comments below!

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