Last week talented gamers from around the world gathered together for Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. This week-long (24/7) marathon featured many of the best speedrunners around competing against the clock and each other in dozens of different games, all while raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This event has been raising millions for charities twice a year for a long time, but this latest venture was the most successful one yet! The final total raised for charity throughout the week was $2,394,668, beating out last year’s old record of $2,261,823.19. That’s all thanks to donations from more than 46,000 caring fans.

In addition to Awesome Games Done Quick, GDQ also holds the Summer Games Done Quick event in June or July with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. In total, the two annual events have combined over the course of many years to raise just under $20 million for charity.

Source: Polygon

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