Bayonetta 2 is one of my most anticipated titles arriving this year, and I am thrilled the original game is going to packaged in. What I am even more thrilled about now is the fact we have a slew of brand new footage straight form Nintendo Treehouse.

  • Demo starts in a city setting with ghost-like people
  • Has two sets of weapons in the demo: one is a bow (new item for Bayonetta 2) and whips on her feet (whips can grab enemy and slam them onto the ground)
  • Can transform into different beasts, like a panther that can run around quickly or a serpent that can swim freely and quickly underwater
  • New character for this game (seen in last year’s E3) shows up; exists in the same dimension as Bayonetta and angels; is being hunted by angels for some reason
  • Combat: dodging right before an attack hits enters Witch Time, where everything but Bayonetta slows down, giving you a good chance to attack; gauges on top left is Life Gauge and Magic Gauge; with enough magic can activate Umbran Climax—lets you summon demons to expand area of attack
  • Having different weapons equipped leads to you summoning different demons
  • Touch controls—allows anyone to play Bayonetta easily and casually; when you select an enemy on the GamePad, Bayonetta will automatically attack it; swiping across the screen causes Bayonetta to dodge; can seamlessly switch between regular and touch controls at any time; outside of combat, touch a location and she will move to it
  • Summons tougher demons against tougher enemies
  • Moved to a train battle against a massive angel
  • Backgrounds have a lot of detail
  • Bayonetta 2 has online co-op
  • Demon (Gomorrah the dragon) which she summons escapes her control and attacks her; this sort of thing will be a big part of the game’s storyline
  • Aerial battles: Bayonetta grows wings and flies around while attacking
  • Character and enemy designs: goal is to make it so that you look at it once, and will not forget it again
  • Storyline: Jeanne saves Bayonetta but her soul gets knocked out of her body and taken to the Underworld; Bayonetta’s goal is to journey to the Underworld and save Jeanne

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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