Dragon Quest X was released on the Wii exclusively in Japan in August of last year. While there has been no announcement on the prospect of localization for other regions as of yet, the game has been both a commercial and critical success in Japan. Reviews were extremely positive and sales exceeded 600,000 in the first four months.

The Wii U version goes on sale on March 30 in Japan, and just yesterday the news broke on some of the specs for the Wii U Beta version. According to Cheesemeister, the game is 6086 MB, or 5.94 GB, and save files are 8 MB each.

The game was one of the most anticipated Wii games in Japan, and the series certainly has a strong fanbase in the west, who are especially keen to nab Dragon Quest X after IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies rocked the DS back in 2010. You can watch the Wii U trailer for the game over on the SquareEnix YouTube channel, as they have unfortunately disabled embedding.

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